Welcome to The Vivid Canvas!

Welcome to The Vivid Canvas!

Welcome to The Vivid Canvas!Welcome to The Vivid Canvas!Welcome to The Vivid Canvas!

We provide step-by-step, individualized art lessons for all ages, 6 and up!


***Tuition Update Beginning March 2020***

Tuition prices have remained the same since January 2018. Beginning March 2020, tuition prices will all be increasing by $10 due to our intentions to grow! Please check the Tuition and Fees page for the new tuition prices, or the Charter School page for the new prices for Charter School Students. 

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

-Danny Kaye

About Us

Our Goal


Teaching art is our passion. We want every student to feel accomplished and creatively expressive. Students will be taught to see shapes, lines, colors, and spaces that they didn't recognize before. The teachers break down each piece of art into a step-by-step method, providing guidance to the student through each phase of the creative process.

Our Teachers


We take pride in our teachers and their artistic abilities. All the teachers are artists and have had or are currently continuing their art education. Carly, Andrew, Helle, Cassidy, and Dana all bring their own creativity, passion, and talent to each student. From landscapes to animals to still-lives, traditional to contemporary, we make sure all our students learn about, experience, and create many different styles of art.

Our Programs


Our students work in a program based on their age and skill level. While most students start in the Drawing/Pastel Basics Program, older and more advanced students are placed in a program after we meet and discuss their needs and wants.

Drawing/Pastel Basics Program

Learn the basics of drawing and establish the fine motor skills of hand-eye coordination. This program is designed for young artists who are just starting out, or for young artists who need help refining their drawing abilities. (Ages 6 and up)

Drawing Program

Our drawing program easily adapts to whatever level of skill the student currently has, beginner to experienced. In this program, we have the flexibility of using various mediums (graphite, pastel, charcoal, pen and ink, etc.), but all pieces begin with a strong drawing.  (Ages 10 and up)

Watercolor Program

Learn the basics of watercolors. Watercolor pieces all start with a strong drawing; so either the Drawing/Pastel Basics Program or the Drawing Program should be completed before starting this program, unless discussed when enrolling. 

Acrylics Program

Once drawing skills are established, and the student is ready for a new challenge, the Acrylics Program is the way to go. Starting off with a drawing is optional with acrylics, making the ability to draw imperative before beginning this program. In this program, we can start off as simple or complex as the student's needs are.

Oils Program

Before painting with oils, the student must have strong painting abilities with the acrylic medium. In the Oils Program, we teach the student various techniques of how to use and apply oil paint, as it is quite different than acrylics in the sense of application.